Friday, June 25, 2010

The Adventure goes on!!!

Kitchen hall way and door to the downstairs

Bathroom :)

Small Room!!!

Master Suite :)

This Living room is the real gem

Kitchen has potential

Can't wait to transform the basement

The outside needs some major tender loving care

We asked our wonderful realtor to put this sign up, just so i could get this great picture ;) She was really great to humor me, it just didn't seem official to me without a sign. :)

So when we bought the house we thought we would just do some paint the cabinets and put new floor in, but things have seemed to evolve into a little bit bigger project. :) Too keep the price down we told the bank we would get rid of all the stuff the guy left behind. So 2 tons of junk later (thanks Dan for helping kev haul it off), we could finally see the floor and counters!!! Kev worked is head off !!! Once we looked at the whole lay out, we decided to do some demo. I think maybe the mouse nests in every single kitchen drawer encouraged that plan. I thought i would put all these pics on, so we can document the changes and stay motivated through this big adventure!!!

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  1. Oh my! That is a BIG project, cannot wait to see how it turns out...


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